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Broccoli Pizza and Pasta.

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta

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Broccoli Pizza and Pasta

Broccoli Pizza & pasta offers freshly prepared Italian food and personalized meals for a health- conscious community. The name Broccoli speaks for itself- this nutritious vegetable is a symbol of our dedication to healthy eating and quality produce.

Broccoli serves up great tasting pizzas, pastas and salads, with a focus on fresh ingredients, fast and friendly service, and an amazing customer experience. We cook our delicious meals to order, and pride ourselves on giving the customer a huge range of choices, with endless combinations available to suit every taste.

A big part of the fun and satisfaction of the Broccoli experience derives from ordering your own personalized meal and seeing it cooked in front of you by our friendly and professional staff. The quality of the interaction between staff and customer is hugely important to us.

You can choose from eight types of pasta, five sauces, a range of vegetables and meat combinations. Soups and breakfasts are also on the menu.

Owner Prakash says, “We use top quality, fresh ingredients and we don’t compromise on the taste. With each dish taking approximately three to four minutes to prepare, Broccoli Pizza and Pasta offers a quick and easy choice for those looking for something healthier. We can also tailor according to the customer’s preference too, so if you don’t like lots of oil used in your cooking, then we can only use a little.” 

Our mission is simple and unique. We are genuinely committed to delivering exactly what we believe in – healthy, nutritious and affordable meals for an energetic and active community. We want to share our passion for healthy lifestyles with our local


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday0930 - 1830
Saturday0930 - 1800
Sunday1030 - 1630

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